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code::dive 2016 is finished! Thank you for being with us.


The annual conference called "code::dive", which permanently exists in calendar of polish IT conferences, is totally out of expense. It gathers local enthusiasts of programming both from Poland as well as from other countries. It creates an unique atmosphere, which enables the participants to exchange their experience.

The main purpose of this conference is to gather the possible biggest amount of programming lovers and to exhibit the new IT trends from all over the world. Such accumulation of different experiences causes an explosion of creative ideas in the realms of IT branch. It provides brand-new conceptions, which have been assumed as unreal before.

Our project is supported by well-known personalities in C++ world such as: Andrei Alexandrescu, Dan Sacks, Ulrich Drepper,Scott Meyers, Venkat Subramaniam and many more. They not only share with their experience and knowledge but also present their practical approach to the existing problems by giving lectures in Wrocław.

The additional aim of this event is to support local programmers and hobbyist by encouraging them to share with their knowledge and to develop „Poland’s IT hub”.


The continuous positive comments and satisfaction of the attendants compel us to improve our undertaking and to offer our services on higher level.

Stay tuned and see You on the next edition!!

Conference highlights

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