escape room

This year code::dive will be even more exciting. Along with excellent talks and renowned speakers, we are going to provide an escape room for software engineers! A terabit of geeky entertainment for programmers, testers, DevOps, and sysadmins.

Note that our escape room is designed for teams of 3-4 people. If you do not have your own crew, we will team you up at escape room reception desk.

Wanna play?

Due to limited number of timeslots and quite specialized puzzles, there is a selection process for entering our escape room. Follow it to play. We guarantee it is worth it!


code::dive escape room is part of the conference and unregistered people cannot take part.

Conference registration
04 October 2017


After a successful registration, you will get the confirmation email with link to escape room preliminary quiz. But be careful! You have only one attempt!

Confirmation email
04 October 2017


Every registered conference participant has a shot at the escape room preliminary quiz. But remember, there is only ONE ATTEMPT PER PARTICIPANT. So, make sure you are equipped and undisturbed when taking it. Only those who passed the quiz can take part in the game.

04 October 2017 - 10 November 2017

Book a timeslot

You can only book a timeslot personally at the code::dive conference. So look for our escape room stand at the event. You will be asked to show a confirmation of passing the preliminary quiz, as only those who passed can join the game.

Don’t wait too long to register, the number of timeslots is limited!

Join escape room list
14 November 2017 / 15 November 2017