Bartosz Szurgot


Writing software for fun and profit. Doing a bit of electronics every now and then. 3d-printing when the moon is full. Geek during day, hacker during night time. Naturally spotted on the net. Main features include: C++, Linux, embedded, server side ops, abstract humor. Addicted to sleep. Occasional speaker at geeks’ gatherings, including: NDC Oslo, code::dive and C++ Users’ Group Wrocław



Threading: Dos And Don'ts (2014)

Writing concurrent software for modern architectures is a difficult task. There are cache memories, buffers, coherence models, and constantly increasing cores count. During the presentation a set of threading pitfalls will be shown, along with proper countermeasures - all in the context of multicore processors we have today and may expect in a near future. the whole presentation will be held in a spirit of modern C++, including the memory model.