Bartosz Szurgot


Writing software for fun and profit. Doing a bit of electronics every now and then. 3d-printing when the moon is full. Geek during day, hacker during night time. Naturally spotted on the net. Main features include: C++, Linux, embedded, server side ops, abstract humor. Addicted to sleep. Occasional speaker at geeks’ gatherings, including: NDC Oslo, code::dive and C++ Users’ Group Wrocław



C++ vs. C: The Embedded Perspective (2015)

C is commonly known to be “the best choice for embedded”. Many embedded developers consider C++ to be generally slower and generating larger binaries… but is it really so? In this lecture, series of case studies are presented and measured in order to check out how things really are. Knowing how tools work allows to understand our software better. Even though presentation is focused on embedded software, most of the gained knowledge can be applied to desktop development equally well. Target audience are C and C++ developers. In-depth knowledge of embedded development is not required to understand the content