Bartosz Szurgot


Writing software for fun and profit. Doing a bit of electronics every now and then. 3d-printing when the moon is full. Geek during day, hacker during night time. Naturally spotted on the net. Main features include: C++, Linux, embedded, server side ops, abstract humor. Addicted to sleep. Occasional speaker at geeks’ gatherings, including: NDC Oslo, code::dive and C++ Users’ Group Wrocław



The Taming Of The Software: C++, Embedded... And More (2016)

creating software is a tricky thing. there are a lot of decisions to be made. what should be tested? which tests are beneficial? how to organize software components? where to put abstractions? how to make millions of lines of code understandable? these are everyday questions of every developer. making software for embedded platform brings one more challenge, namely different hardware platforms. how to make your embedded software easily debuggable? how to avoid complexities when multiple platforms need to be supported by the same code base? all of these problems seem to be well known, yet practice shows the wheel is being constantly reinvented... and usually turns out to be square. during the presentation battle-tested solutions for these common issues will be presented. while the main focus will be on C++ projects for embedded platforms, many ideas can be applied to different languages and project types as well. no in-depth knowledge of C++ or embedded development is required to understand the talk.