code::dive is an annual event gathering IT professionals and programming enthusiasts to share new ideas, discuss current trends, and exchange experiences.

The conference aims at supporting programmers by broadening their horizons, encouraging knowledge sharing, and providing a platform for networking.
Since code::dive speakers are active programmers themselves, they present practical approach, talk about actual experiences, and real-life case studies.

The scope of the conference is dynamic. We follow hot topics and address the current demands of IT world.


2019-11-20 / day 1
Stage 1 Stage 9 Stage 8 Stage 7
Registration   07:30-08:50
Opening   08:50-09:00
Session 1   09:00-10:00

Barbara Geller, Ansel Sermersheim

Undefined Behavior is Not an Error

Brandon Rhodes

When Python Practices Go Wrong

Piotr Padlewski

Story of autonomous drone racing

Viktor Kirilov

C++ as Assembly 2.0 - Hello Nim
Coffee break   10:00-10:30
Session 2   10:30-11:30

Jason Turner

C++ Code Smells

Oleksii Pilkevych

Hate yourself? Keep using Python 2

Maciej Szymkowski

Biometrics algorithms in medical image processing

Michał Bartkowiak

Making Fast Incremental Compiler for Huge Codebase
Coffee break   11:30-12:00
Session 3   12:00-13:00

Andrzej Krzemieński

Preconditions, postconditions, invariants – how they help write robust programs

Christian Barra

How software can feed the world

Pablo Ribalta

AI in Healthcare

Piotr Osiewicz

No more coffee breaks - reducing C/C++ project compilation time
Lunch break   13:00-14:00
Session 4   14:00-15:00

Tomasz Skowroński

Resilience patterns in practice

Łukasz Langa


Jakub Janczyk

Building conversational voice bots – lessons learned

Mathieu Ropert

Build for everyday programmers and why should they care
Coffee break   15:00-15:30
Session 5   15:30-16:30

Remigiusz Michułka

Practical Aspects of Microservice Architecture

Mateusz Dymiński

Diagnose your Golang App anytime anywhere!

Dominik Deja

Contract Digitalization at Nokia

Mateusz Pusz

Rethinking Usage of C++ Templates
Coffee break   16:30-17:00
Session 6   17:00-18:00

Arletta Jasonek

[LT] How bananas could save your project. Understanding UX

Łukasz Kucharski

[LT] When warnings become errors. A case-study of latent bugs discovered by modernizing toolchain

Mateusz Brzeszcz

[LT] Faster than memcpy

Dmitry Trukhanov

Black-box performance analysis

Tereza Iofciu

Project managing in Data Science teams

Xavier Bonaventura

Dependency management in C++
2019-11-21 / day 2
Stage 1 Stage 9 Stage 8 Stage 7
Registration   08:00-09:00
Session 1   09:00-10:00

Victor Ciura

A Short Life span<> For a Regular Mess

Marcin Grzebieluch

C++20 Coroutines: Introduction

Borislav Stanimirov

The Life of a CPU Instruction

Ian Oliver

Trusting Your Raspberry Pi - a too brief introduction to the TPM and IoT - Part 1
Coffee break   10:00-10:30
Session 2   10:30-11:30

Andreas Fertig

C++: λ Demystified

Adi Shavit

C++20 Coroutines: Generators, and Brain Unrolling Sweetness

Kamil Witecki

Should I care about CPU cache?

Gabriela Limonta

Trusting Your Raspberry Pi - a too brief introduction to the TPM and IoT - Part 2
Coffee break   11:30-12:00
Session 3   12:00-13:00

Sambath Logakrishnan

Why you should starts to think about compile your code into web assembly

Miłosz Warzecha

C++20 Coroutines: Asynchronity reimagined

Yossi Moalem

Cache consistency and the C++ memory model: writing code to real hardware

Karol Przybylski

Agile the hard(ware) way
Lunch break   13:00-14:00
Session 4   14:00-15:00

Adrian Peret

You can run but you can’t hide from it: Edge cloud is here, now!

Dawid Pilarski

C++20 Coroutines: What's next?

Björn Fahller

What do you mean by "cache friendly"?

Mateusz Nowak

Thinking outside of the framework
Coffee break   15:00-15:30
Session 5   15:30-16:30

Piotr Gaczkowski, Adrian Ostrowski

Cloud Native C++: Modern architecture for modernized language

Michał Pawlik

Introduction to gRPC

Conor Hoekstra

Algorithm Intuition II

Zbigniew Piecuch

An Agile (hi)story


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