code::dive is an annual event gathering IT professionals and programming enthusiasts to share new ideas, discuss current trends, and exchange experiences.

The conference aims at supporting programmers by broadening their horizons, encouraging knowledge sharing, and providing a platform for networking.
Since code::dive speakers are active programmers themselves, they present practical approach, talk about actual experiences, and real-life case studies.

The scope of the conference is dynamic. We follow hot topics and address the current demands of IT world.


2018-11-07 / day 1
Stage 1 Stage 9 Stage 8 Stage 7
Registration   07:30-08:50
Opening   08:50-09:00
Session 1   09:00-10:00

Dan Saks

Choosing the Right Integer Types in C and C++

Björn Rabenstein

Go for DevOps, Go for microservices, and what Go is actually good for

Łukasz Olczyk

Is your Agile agile?

Viktor Kirilov

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Faster Builds - Part 1 of 2
Coffee break   10:00-10:30
Session 2   10:30-11:30

Odin Holmes

boost.tmp: Your DSL for Metaprogramming - Part 1 of 2

Krzysztof Dryś

How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Generics and Love Go

Ewelina Wyspiańska, Maciej Trojniarz

Tarifa… Tarifa, Wrocław here, Roger! How to work effectively being remote

Viktor Kirilov

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Faster Builds - Part 2 of 2
Coffee break   11:30-12:00
Session 3   12:00-13:00

Odin Holmes

boost.tmp: Your DSL for Metaprogramming - Part 2 of 2

Mateusz Dymiński

Clean code in Go

Izabela Krupa, Paweł Słowikowski

Easier said than done. Self-organized teams

Stephen Kelly

Refactor your codebase with Clang tooling
Lunch break start   13:00-13:15
Lunch talks   13:15-13:30

Adi Shavit

C++ Cryptozoology - A Compendium of Cryptic Characters

Oleksii Pilkevych

Things not to do in Python

Łukasz Skomra

Are you Open enough to Innovate? ;)

Sambath Logakrishnan

Virtual assembly for web application
Lunch talks   13:35-13:50

Serhiy Kostyshyn

The Lifecycle of an A/B Test

Michał Pomykała

Virtual assistants - our journey from extensive documentation and various of tools to smart chatbots

Piotr Kozłowski

3 things they didn't tell you about Agile

Dan Saks

East const but constexpr West
Lunch break end   13:50-14:00
Session 4   14:00-15:00

Ulrich Drepper

C++ and Memory: Between Correctness and Performance

Florin Pățan

GoLand Tips & Tricks

Marek Stój

Sitting Considered Deadly

Felix Petriconi

There is a Better Future
Coffee break   15:00-15:30
Session 5   15:30-16:30

Andreas Weis

Taming dynamic memory - An introduction to custom allocators in C++

Damian Skrzypczak

Sphinx won't bite you! Documenting Python code

Serhiy Kostyshyn

Effective Practices for Engineering Teams

Kamil Witecki

Time brings all things to pass
Coffee break   16:30-17:00
Session 6   17:00-18:00

Mateusz Nowak

When you hit "Error: memory is not aligned."

Brandon Rhodes

Python as C++’s limiting case

Zbigniew Piecuch

Boosting knowledge sharing

Borislav Stanimirov

Bringing Business Logic Back to C++
Closing   18:00-18:00
2018-11-08 / day 2
Stage 1 Stage 9 Stage 8 Stage 7
Registration   08:00-08:50
Opening   08:50-09:00
Session 1   09:00-10:00

Sean Parent

Generic Programming

Artur Suchwałko

How to do practical Data Science? From real-world examples to recommendations

Bat-Ulzii Luvsanbat

7 reasons to move your C++ code to Visual Studio 2017

Ulrich Drepper

What are FPGAs and How Do They Work
Coffee break   10:00-10:30
Session 2   10:30-11:30

Borislav Stanimirov

CPU-Friendly Code

Piotr Migdał

Neural networks interactively - right in your browser!

Stoyan Nikolov

Data-oriented design in practice

Gynvael Coldwind

C/C++ vs Security!
Coffee break   11:30-12:00
Session 3   12:00-13:00

Andrzej Krzemieński

Dealing with function failures in C++

Tomasz Melcer

Software Engineer in the Machine Learning world

Grzegorz Latuszek

Reuse bill

Gabriela Limonta

A trusted trip in the cloud – working with trusted hardware in practice
Lunch break start   13:00-13:15
Lunch talks   13:15-13:30

Adam Badura

Getting type name at compile time

Michał Pawlik

Site Reliability Engineering

Zbigniew Skowron

Simplifying control flow

Sambath Logakrishnan

JavaScript can get faster, WebAssembly can get even faster
Lunch talks   13:35-13:50

Kristóf Kerekes

Diving into a large, legacy code::base as a youngster

Łukasz Daniluk

Reducing OS noise using offload driver

Borislav Stanimirov

The Bad Big Wolf Meets Riding Hood Little Red

Chiel Douwes

Multitype Pool: fixed type allocation
Lunch break end   13:50-14:00
Session 4   14:00-15:00

Odin Holmes

What I Wish They Told Me - Part 1 of 2

Rafał Legiędź

Augmented Reality - The State of Play

Piotr Staniów

Redux Architecture

Grzegorz Goławski

Basic Web Applications Security
Coffee break   15:00-15:30
Session 5   15:30-16:30

Odin Holmes

What I Wish They Told Me - Part 2 of 2

Bartosz Milewski

Why algebraic data types are important

Adi Shavit

What I Talk About When I Talk About Cross Platform Development

Daniel Kozar

Character Encodings Hate Us All
Closing   16:30-16:30
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