Adrian Ostrowski


Modern C++ enthusiast, interested in the newest language standards and development of high-quality code. Previously promoting music bands as a member of the board for the Kompresor foundation, as well as C++ at EPAM as a member of the board for its C++ Community. Recently finished working on a commodity exchange's trading system, currently taking a deep dive into the machine learning domain at Habana.



Cloud Native C++: Modern architecture for modernized language (2019)

While modern software architecture happily embraces Go, are we overlooking a powerhouse of programming that can do everything the cloud requires?

Modern C++ allows writing high-performing applications in a high-level language without sacrificing readability and maintainability, for example in projects such as Envoy. In this talk, I will demonstrate how to make your C++ application ready for cloud native deployment — without the need to rebuild it in Go or other new frameworks.