Adrian Peret


Working in the telecoms industry for 20 years, in various positions covering R&D, Technical Support, Operations, Hosting, Data Centers and Connectivity, allowed him to have a holistic view across multiple domains and their future impact across a wide range of industries. Currently working as Chief Architect Cloud in Nokia’s Mobile Networks, focused on Edge Cloud, Cloud RAN and Telco Cloud Reference Architecture.



You can run but you can’t hide from it: Edge cloud is here, now! (2019)

Combination of laws of physics, speed of light, 5G, vRAN, MEC, IoT, converged access and data-hungry/low-latency demanding enterprises, created the need for the presence of computing capabilities on the edge of the network. The presentation will cover the drivers, challenges, and requirements for the edge as well as the solutions to overcome them and ensure the digitisation of physical industries for the enablement of Industry 4.0.