Agnieszka Szufarska


Agnieszka Szufarska received her M.Sc.E.E. degree in 2004 from the Technical University of Gdansk, Poland. She is currently with Nokia (in Wroclaw, Poland), where she leads a research team. Her background is in radio concept creation and system-level simulations for LTE and 5G. Her research interests include spectrum coexistence of different systems and interference mitigation for heterogeneous deployments with the mixture of small and wide area cells.



Future Of Communications: Nokia Bell Labs Perspective (2016)

As the digitization of various aspects of our lives progresses, the proper communication is becoming increasingly important; not only for humans but also for the devices connected to the Internet. Today, we need communication not just for exchanging information but also for remote control of the Internet devices. Our private life, sport, health, business, networks, the ways in which we collect information and prioritize them, it all evolves and changes. The session goal is to analyze current trends, how they affect the future of various fields of human life, and to present the vision of innovative technology by Nokia Bell Labs.