Andreas Fertig


Andreas is a freelance trainer and consultant for C++ specializing in embedded systems. Since his computer science studies in Karlsruhe, he has dealt with embedded systems and the associated requirements and peculiarities. He worked for about 10 years for Philips Medizin Systeme GmbH as a C++ software developer and architect with a focus on embedded systems.

Andreas is involved in the C ++ standardization committee, especially in SG14 which deals with embedded systems deals.

He also develops macOS applications and is the author of



C++: λ Demystified (2019)

In this talk, I will answer these questions. With the support of C++ Insights we will peek behind the scenes to answer questions about how they are implemented. We will also see how the compiler-generated code changes if we change the lambda itself. This is often interesting for development in constrained applications like the embedded domain.

Next, I will show you the application areas of lambdas to illustrate where they can be helpful. For example, how they can help you to write less and with that more unique code.

After the talk, you will have a solid understanding of lambdas in C++. Together with some ideas when and where to use them.