Andrzej Krzemieński


Andrzej is a software developer since 2004. He works mostly with C++ in commercial software, which includes safety-related and high-performance systems. He is a member of the C++ Standards Committee and a Boost developer. He is also a co-organizer of C++ User Group Kraków. Known to the community for his blog on C++:



Dealing with function failures in C++ (2018)

When a function fails, how should you report the failure: throw an exception, or return an error code? In this talk we will not answer this question, but instead explore the motivation that leads people to to choose one way or the other. Next, we will see how this motivation is changed in C++17 with its new features; we will also have a look at the Outcome library. Finally, we will have a peek at the future plans for the next generation failure handling in C++.