Bartek Kuczyński


Programmer and some one who could be described as “Standard Nerd Model”. Created his first program when he was 5 years old, ran that app on ZX Spectrum and fell in love with computers. Today works as Java programmer in finance sector and tries to share his knowledge with anyone interested.



What Is A Good Code (2014)

Today in Internet we have a lot of articles how good code should look. In this session we will try to answer what a good code is. Why some parts of code are good and why some are bad? How to create good code and how to avoid bad one? We will discus about tools and solutions that helps us to make better software. I want to present You some idea how to make our work more valuable and less stressful. For all sides of something that we call "software engineering" (programmers, clients, managers). And finally I will describe three most popular kinds of good code.