Bartosz Papis


Warsaw University of Technology graduate (Ph.D. in 2015 - thesis title: "State abstraction in reinforcement learning", defended with honours, M.Sc. in 2008 - thesis title: "Handwriting Recognition System Component Analysis", defended with honours). Currently works as a software architect and SCRUM Master in Transition Technologies S.A., where he has been dealing with software for energy and gas markets for 8 years, using C#, C++ and Python.



Experimental Comparison Of Software Development Methods On A Commercial Project For The Industry (2016)

We present preliminary results of experimental comparison of software development methods. We compare ITL (Iterated Tests Last) and TDD (Test-driven development) in relation to programming with no unit tests at all. In the current research context we propose the following modifications to the organization of the study: 1) using a real, commercial project for the industry as a source of requirements 2) experience level of participants matches current market situation 3) controlled experiment, in particular independent of participant's individual traits and individual features of libraries used. Presentation made by Bartosz Papis, Kamil Subzda, Konrad Grochowski.