Bat-Ulzii Luvsanbat


Bat-Ulzii Luvsanbat is a developer team manager for the C++ compiler front-end team at Microsoft. He has been with the team over 17 years and has done everything from testing, developing, program managing, to team managing. He is proud to have been involved in shipping MSVC compiler releases from VC7 to VS2017 Update 7 thus far. He has computer science degree from Brigham Young University in Hawaii. His interests are all things Star Trek. :)



7 reasons to move your C++ code to Visual Studio 2017 (2018)

Come see for yourself how Visual Studio has transformed the C++ development experience in its latest version and how the team is committed to continue delivering the best C++ IDE regardless of the platforms you’re targeting and C++ libraries and frameworks you’re using. From vast additions in C++ standards conformance to coding productivity, cross-platform development for Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS and CMake support, these are only a few of the topics we discuss in this demo-packed session.