Benoît Le Calvez


Benoît Le Calvez is managing a Service Delivery team in NOKIA and co-leading a DevOps program of a Cloud Core product in Lannion: SDMToolBox. Benoît travelled to deliver core networks all over the world during a decade. He follows the evolution of core networks delivery from legacy Fix/Mobile to IP based and Cloud nowadays. Drive by customer focus, passionate by the new delivery model called DevOps and the associate compelling mindset change. Privately he is a rugbyman, the team spirit which belong to this sport is also noticeable in his daily work.



DevOps is not only for IT players! (2017)

This presentation, will be about a concrete examples of DevOps initiative. It will describe the ecosystem and methods to get adherence and mindset, through concrete examples. Furthermore, it will show DevOps influences the product development.