Brandon Rhodes


Brandon works to improve developer productivity and tooling at Dropbox, which deploys several of the world’s largest Python applications. Through his talks and articles he eventually wants to uncover the tacit knowledge and unconscious practices that allow some programmers to craft simple testable code where other programmers generate only chaos. But that knowledge is coming slowly, so Brandon fills in the gaps in his presentations with topics like astronomy, UNIX tradition, and ASCII art.



Python as C++’s limiting case (2018)

The Python language’s memory model can be deduced from first principles: simply take modern C++ conventions and drive their safety and generality to infinity. But this limiting case generates its own compromises and opens its own categories of possible runtime errors. We will explore the position Python has staked out in the language design space of correctness versus performance, the choices Python programmers make when they need to move closer to C++, and the ways that the C++ community keeps adopting conventions that look suspiciously like Python.