Damian Skrzypczak


Graduate in Bioinformatics from Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences. Programmer by passion. Software automation tester at Nokia with strong technical background in software development using Python programming language. Big fan of well-written programming books and unit-testing methodology. His personal goal is to popularize good programming practices in scientific environments.



Sphinx won't bite you! Documenting Python code (2018)

The importance of a well-documented code is known to anyone who has ever encountered a code without documentation... sometimes their own.

Right next to readability of the code lays its documentation. Every programmer knows that even a single example of code usage can put them on the right track and by that save hours of coding experiments. It's just always better to know what to expect from the code before you run it, right?

Due to its dynamic nature, Python requires particularly good documentation. Fortunately, docstrings, reStructuredText, and Sphinx are there to help us facilitate the code documenting process.

Throughout this presentation, I will introduce you to the process of writing documentation using the reStructuredText format and converting it into HTML with the help of the Sphinx tool.