Daniel Kozar


A graduate of Computer Science at the Wrocław University of Technology. He gained experience at a number of different workplaces, most notably while developing Set-Top-Box software at Samsung Electronics and EDA solutions at Mentor Graphics. He is currently employed at PSI Poland, where he develops software for networking hardware, industry automation solutions, and maintain large-scale SCADA systems.



Character Encodings Hate Us All (2018)

Have you ever had this one file that you just couldn't read, no matter what? Has your friend from Russia ever sent you an email which said привет instead of "привет"? All of us have. The topic of character encoding, though not as prominent as it once was today, is still one of these things that "just work" most of the time, but cause problems the exact moment you stop paying attention. The intent of this presentation is to familiarize the audience with a topic which they might not even be aware of, and show common pitfalls and design mistakes made in some programming environments and languages. The topic itself is language-agnostic, but examples - as well as case studies of real-world encoding gone bad - in Python 2 and 3, Perl, C++, and Java will be provided.