Dawid Pilarski


Dawid Pilarski has finished automation and robotics studies, but from the very beginning, he was passionate about the C++ language. Currently, he is a senior software developer in TomTom. In his free time, he is blogging about the C++ and gives talks on local meetups. Since 2019 he is also taking part in the C++ standardization process as a Polish national body expert.



C++20 Coroutines: What's next? (2019)

In the C++20 we will get the coroutines in the language. All major C++ features were introduced iteratively and it's no different with the coroutines. In this talk, we will have a brief look at what could be done (and was already proposed) to improve in the C++20 coroutines and what we can expect from the coroutines in the future releases of the language.