Dominik Deja


Product Owner leading international projects at the edge of Business, IT, and Data Science. Leveraging consulting and project management skills to develop and adapt the product vision. Addressing business needs and targets by utilizing cutting-edge analytics and data science methods.



Contract Digitalization at Nokia (2019)

Contract Digitalization is a cutting-edge project run at Nokia, which aim is to leverage state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence methods to enable the company to store, process, and automatically analyze its contracts. We use modern Natural Language Techniques (including Recurrent Neural Networks, Attention, etc.) to process, and analyze contractual documents (unstructured data), in order to retrieve information which may have an impact on business performance of the company.

During the presentation, I would like to show, and describe the solution in details, as well as talk about the journey we’ve been through in order to create the tool.