Eric Niebler


Eric Niebler is a senior engineer at Facebook and an active member of the ISO C++ Standardization Committee. He is the principal author of the upcoming Ranges TS and of the range-v3 library on which it is based. Before Facebook, Eric consulted independently and with BoostPro computing. He has authored several Boost libraries and served as a Boost release manager and a member of the Boost Steering Committee. He's happiest when finding powerful, elegant, and efficient abstractions for complicated code, and firmly believes code can and should be fast and beautiful.



Introducing the Ranges TS (2017)

Do you wish the STL were easier to use? Do you like generators, comprehensions, and LINQ from Python and C#? Good news: the Ranges TS is done. This talk introduces the latest experimental additions to the standard library, and the concepts and the design decisions behind them. We’ll also explore the future directions the Standard Library is likely to take and touch on how Ranges intersect with Coroutines. The future looks very composable!