Felix Petriconi


Felix Petriconi is working as a professional programmer since 1993 after he had finished his study of electrical engineering. He started his career as teacher for intellectually gifted children, freelance programmer among others in telecommunication and automotive projects. Since 2003 he is employed as programmer and development manager at the MeVis Medical Solutions AG in Bremen, Germany. He is part of a team that develops and maintains radiological medical devices. His focus is on C++ development, training of “modern” C++, and application performance tuning. He is a regular speaker at the C++ user group in Bremen, a blog editor of https://isocpp.org, a main contributor to http://stlab.cc and a member of the ACCU’s conference committee.



There is a Better Future (2018)

In this session we’ll examine many ways that std::future is broken and how an alternative, stlab::future (designed by Sean Parent and myself), addresses these issues and also provides features beyond futures and continuations, for example support for modelling graphs of single threaded tasks.

The second part of this presentation will cover Communicating Sequential Processes (CSP) channels which are also offered by the stlab library. These channels can be used to create graphs of n:m input/output tasks all running in parallel.

A basic understanding of threads, mutex and locks will be assumed, but familiarity with functional programming, while helpful, is not required to understand the content of this session.