Gábor Megyaszai


Gábor Megyaszai is the MN DevOps concept owner and MN CC DevOps Transformation Lead at Nokia. Previously he was the test, line and project manager of mixed cluster of system testing teams and was a tester himself. Besides his work as a line manager, he designed and led various transformation projects in test automation, laboratory setup and utilization, and testing approach. Outside the office, he spends time with the never-ending work on his house and tries to discipline his dog. You can reach him at gabor.megyaszai@nokia.com.



DevOps transformation – It’s not just an R&D thing (2017)

DevOps as a way of working is still gaining popularity in IT industry and in the past year even popped up in telecom, becoming required, even demanded, by telecom service providers. Understanding and putting into practice DevOps initiatives, however present a whole set of challenges for telecom vendors and service providers in our business-to-business-to-customer world. Implementing the holistic agility requires significant changes in the waterfall, long time pre-planned and committed world of telecom.

We spent the last year and a half interpreting DevOps practices and map how we could introduce them in our mode of operation.

In the beginning, it was obvious that agile is a must have, but diving deeper, it became clear that we have to get the engineers more involved in the full end-to-end value chain.

In my presentation, I will shed light on how we are overcoming the challenges in development while introducing ATDD and BDD practices. Emphasizing the change needed from developers in a tight cooperation environment, by becoming “cross-functional”.