Izabela Krupa


Izabela passionates about fair play, is open to different points of view, respectful to others and courage enough to put a stake in the ground. As she learns all the time, sometimes she needs support as well. Izabela believes, that teaching is the only ethical method of influencing others. She is tired of infobesity on the Internet and tries to refer to research.

10 years in IT Izabela spent mostly being Scrum Master and trainer, but she experienced Product Owner role and Software Developer as well. She graduated from Electronics and Telecommunication at Wroclaw University of Technology, post-graduated Project Management and Psychology in Business at WSB.

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Easier said than done. Self-organized teams (2018)

Put up to 9 people in a project and ta-da we have the team! If they are working on an Agile project additionally you can call the team self-organized. It is so simple to create a team, isn’t it?

The presentation is dedicated to all who don’t know what and why is expected from them as team members. All responsible for creating highly performing teams might also see the value in it.

During the presentation, I will focus on individuals behavior and attitude, which will prop up team self-organization. The foundation of whole speech will base on available research, models and its implementation in practice. At the end, we will try to debunk some myths together.