Jakub Derda


Jakub Derda has started his adventure in IT with languages that he's ashamed to admit to. And then fell in love with Java. Beginning with a small personal projects, through freelancing, own company, startups, he now helps keeping one of the largest IaaS running. Fascinated with architecture of distributed applications and their security aspects. Can be often found on kobietydokodu.pl blog, which he helps to write.



Concurrency In Cloud Applications Design Crashcourse (2015)

Concurrency is often thought of in terms of threads, semaphores, and critical sections. But it doesn't help in a situation when your application is used by millions and its infrastructure is located in multiple cities around the world. During the talk we'll go through the problems that delevopers of such systems face, ways to harness them and the shift in thinking needed to design them. Summing up, more scale, more problems, more fun! :)