Jakub Janczyk


Full-Stack Developer fascinated about JavaScript and all its' ecosystem. Enthusiastic about Clean Code, Software Craftsmanship and especially ways of testing applications, including TDD and BDD techniques. Believes in efficient pair-programming. On a daily basis, tries to follow all the latest trends and tools available.



Building conversational voice bots – lessons learned (2019)

Did you ever encounter a bot when you called some helpline? Or maybe bot called you? Maybe even you spoke with a bot but didn't notice.

We've created our first voice bot over a year ago. Since then we went long and bumpy road in improving it while facing multiple challenges on the way. Today I want to show you what does it mean to build software of this kind. From both technical and user experience perspectives. And why it's at the same time different and similar to any other software project.

You'll learn about the state of the conversational AI technology available today. But also I want to share a few of our many adventures on how to make people to actually talk to a bot, our failures, successes, fun stories. And why most of the time it's more psychological than a technical challenge!