Jarosław Pałka


Last 15 years in software industry, working as database and system administrator, developer, architect, manager and “on-site disaster engineer “. At the moment works as a chief architect in Lumesse, European HR SaaS solution provider and the owner of Symentis Training&Consulting.



How To Build Architecture Of Your System (2014)

Bottom-up or top-down, emerging design, TOGAF, UML, BPMN, SOA, large scale, small scale, new shiny written by hipsters or good old legacy written by Iron Maiden fans? How to build architecture of your system? How to transition your current design and don't get mad, don't waste time for unproductive meetings, discussion, arguments and cheap talks, writing down business cases, searching for business value and justifying business justification. After years of small and large projects, waterfall, Agile, Kanban, couple of paradigm shifts, couple of trend explosions, new and shiny tools and techniques. After all this I understood that whether we believe it or not, we don't deliver code, business value or company success. The only thing we do is to increase entropy of this world, by adding more and more complexity. No matter how fast CPU executes our code, how much time and effort we put in quality, at the end of day each software will be destroyed by its complexity. Maybe "Software is eating the world", but for sure complexity swallows the software at the same time.