Kamil Szatkowski


Software Developer and Code Reviewer at Nokia. Received his BSc and MSc in Computer Science from Wroclaw University Of Technology. Main interests are focused around the area of software development using C++, Python and Java in AI related areas like Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Knowledge Management. Privately building his own JARVIS in a basement.



Modern C++ Quiz - Part 2 (LT) (2016)

Do you think you know C++11 and C++14 well? Do you know what can you capture in C++ lambdas? When std::move is not necessary? When delete keyword will not help you? What types does auto deduce? Come, check your knowledge and have fun.


Working On Modular Project With Git (2016)

Splitting project into cohesive modules isn't easy. Keeping everything in one repository doesn't help it either. What if we could have many distinct building blocks, each stored in its own repository? Can we do that with Git? It seems that it is possible and there are tools for that. This talk will present two of them with possible pitfalls that can be encountered.