Karol Przybylski


Karol Przybylski is Hardware Test Engineer and Scrum Master in a team involved in HW verification of 5G telecom modules. Interested in embedded technology and applications. In his spare time, he likes to search for absurd humor and play story-heavy games.



Agile the hard(ware) way (2019)

Agile is one of the most recent buzz words in the IT world. Something is not right? Just use more agile, "golden hammer" solution for everything.

In my presentation I'd like to showcase and analyze the process of Agile introduction in teams which are not obvious candidates for such way of working – teams related to development and verification of 5G hardware for telecom Base stations – a great mix of hardware and software worlds.

We’ll talk about the reasons behind the transformation from waterfall to the agile way of working, the importance of the saying “culture eats strategy for breakfast”, how reality verified initial elevated hopes and how the result was deemed positive by most of the involved people.

To sum up – we’ll analyze what went right, what went wrong and how future agile transformation can be improved in not purely software teams.