Łukasz Daniluk


Łukasz Daniluk is a software engineer at Intel Technology Poland. He has been working there for almost 5 years with various projects revolving around Linux, including graphics compute software libraries, software for many-core processors and fabric networking.

At work he does code reviews as a hobby and has a particular interest in all-things parallel. Outside of work - takes care of his samoyed dog Ragnar and plays all the games.



Reducing OS noise using offload driver (2018)

Irregularities in performance caused by various events like timer interrupts are already recognized as a problem for highly parallel applications running on multi-core processors. This is especially noticeable as the number of available cores goes up. Within the family of Intel® Xeon Phi™ Processors there are up to 72 physical cores.

The goal is to have cores that energy is put for necessary work only, without OS interruptions and overhead. This should not only decrease the power consumption but also improve the performance of computing operations.

In order to showcase the possibilities, use offload driver with Intel® Xeon Phi™ Processors in order to achieve better performance than with the tickless Linux kernel.