Łukasz Kucharski


I've started programming in my mid-teens. I've gone down enough wrong paths to recognize and avoid them. My programming credo is to Write such code that when you're fired projects are taken over seamlessly. No one sane should ever want to fire programmer with such ability. I like SOLID principles spiced up with YAGNI, but my favorite software engineering rule is There are no absolutes, always be reasonable.

I like to answer on Stack Overflow and ask [c++][language-lawyer] questions. I believe I have a version of Stockholm syndrome with C++.



When warnings become errors. A case-study of latent bugs discovered by modernizing toolchain (2019)

Are you a fan of obscure bugs in C++? Have you wondered how to convince your manager to let you update compiler or use static analyzer for standard health monitoring of the code base?

If either of the answers is yes then let me entertain you with a case-study of top latent obscure bugs we have uncovered when trying to update the compiler and perform static analysis on multi-million line repository.

It turns modern compilers have a good reason to be less tolerant for weird pointer conversions, obscure operator precedence and all sorts of warnings people tend to ignore. I'd like to serve a handful real-world examples of bugs resolved before manifestation just because we invested time to adapt to modern tooling and tell you how to sell it to business, so you can have more comfortable work. I promise to deliver decent WTFactor.