Łukasz Olczyk


Strategic consultant, with over a decade of experience in IT management. He had the privilege to work with teams and individuals across several organizations and industries, helping them take advantage of the latest developments in approaches and methodologies. Then, following in-depth exposure with marketing and sales teams, he found the way to deliver value on every step along the pipeline.

He favors application of lean principles to blind following of common sense approaches – even though it means arguing with all the fools in the world.

As a passionate petrol-head (I owned 12 cars over 12 years), he believes jogging to be reserved for lunatics only – which explains why you can see him jogging several early mornings each week.



Is your Agile agile? (2018)

After decades of having people to work in (not always reasonably) hated classic approaches, Agile brought world a new hope. New world order promised to be void of excessive pressure, managed by priorities instead of deadlines, full of common sense.

The promise turned out to be invalid.

We can see spectacular Agile transformations, aimed at designing a new way of working, to once and for all make things better. New processes become dogmas, pushing business agility back into abyss of triviality. Just because we're humans – and we're not wired for this kind of paradigm shift.

Łukasz will tell you how to fix this wiring and allow your Agile to evolve together with your business.