Łukasz Ziobroń


Software developer and Scrum Master at Nokia. Interested in technical novelties, machine learning, computer vision, C++, Python, electronics, automation, photography and archery. Received his BSc and MSc in Computer Science from Wroclaw University of Technology. Practitioner of TDD, clean code and good programming practices. Ocassional speaker on some programming events and lecturer on local universities. From 6 years cured from addiction to StarCraft, but recently readdicted once again.



Machine Learning And Image Processing (Not Only) In Autonomous Vehicles (2015)

Nowadays we have technologies that allow us to automatize countless things. Everyday machines are becoming better and smarter. They gather data from the environment and process them in order to make a decision. And we must admit that they are quick, consistent, and do not lose control in dangerous situations. Does it mean that they are better than human? This talk presents how machines can learn new things and how they can see and recognize objects. The main example come from a technology of tomorrow, which is already slowly coming into our lives – autonomous vehicles.