Łukasz Ziobroń


Software developer and Scrum Master at Nokia. Interested in technical novelties, machine learning, computer vision, C++, Python, electronics, automation, photography and archery. Received his BSc and MSc in Computer Science from Wroclaw University of Technology. Practitioner of TDD, clean code and good programming practices. Ocassional speaker on some programming events and lecturer on local universities. From 6 years cured from addiction to StarCraft, but recently readdicted once again.



(R)evolution Of C++ (2016)

Over the last 5 years development of C++ language speeded up rapidly. Many new features were added in C++11 and improved later on in C++14. Even Bjarne Stroustrup said that "C++11 feels like a new language". Moreover, in the next year we expect another major version of language - C++17. Most of you remember "the good, old days", when C++03 was the prevalent version of C++. The language was much simpler than it is right now, because there weren't so many features, which could help a developer to write good and clean code, but also, developers had less to know about C++. During this presentation you will be taken to the journey from C with classes to C++17. You will get to know how did C++ look like tens of years ago, how it evolved and where does it go.


Modern C++ Quiz - Part 1 (LT) (2016)

Do you think you know C++11 and C++14 well? Do you know what can you capture in C++ lambdas? When std::move is not necessary? When delete keyword will not help you? What types does auto deduce? Come, check your knowledge and have fun.