Maciej Szymkowski


Macie Szymkowski is a Research Assistant at Białystok University of Technology, Faculty of Computer Science, Department of Digital Media and Computer Graphics. He was working in two companies as a software developer. His favorite languages are Java, C++, and Swift. His main interests are connected with digital image processing (especially medical samples) and biometrics. He is the author of fourteen research publications (published in journals from JCR lists and in Springer conference proceedings) and eight articles in "Magazyn Programista".



Biometrics algorithms in medical image processing (2019)

Nowadays multiple different devices contain biometrics sensors. Most of us, use it every day – for example, they are built-in our smartphones like fingerprint or face scanners. But do we know how they work? Do we know what is biometrics and what are its principals? During this lecture, fundamentals of biometrics and image processing algorithms will be presented although this information will not be correlated with human recognition. The recently mentioned methods will be used for medical image processing and recognition of pathological changes in retina color images. Interestingly, these algorithms give amazing results! During the lecture, the comparison between proposed algorithms and well-known solutions will also be presented. Moreover, each presented method will be implemented from the beginning in C++ and Java Programming Languages.