Mateusz Brzeszcz


Software developer at Adaptive Vision. His whole career has been revolving around image processing, starting in the dark ages before deep learning revolution, and always focused on real-time algorithms. Avid programming competitions contestant in the past, co-creator of the Deadline24 marathon.



Faster than memcpy (2019)

Code optimization is a broad subject, and nowadays it is widely known that the pursuit of an efficient algorithm cannot be limited to the computational complexity analysis.

This talk will focus on some optimization patterns (and pitfalls) that emerge in the industrial machine vision software, where simple image processing algorithms need to be as fast as memory copy, and more complicated cases need to provide results faster than a blink of an eye.

Presented examples will mainly cover issues met in high-performance multi-threaded code and optimal SIMD instruction usage, focusing on the x86-64 architecture.