Mateusz Dymiński


Software engineer with a strong technical background in software development, sometimes DevOps. Loves backend, tolerates frontend, 7+ years of experience in Java, but since the beginning of 2014 fascinated by the Golang. One of the GoWroc (Golang User Group Wroclaw) leaders. During the daily duties, he's building reliable and scalable distributed systems in a cloud environment at Nokia.



Take your microservices to the next level with gRPC (2017)

gRPC is a RPC framework focused on performance and accessibility across a wide range of programming languages. gRPC was initially developed at Google as a next generation of Stubby — a general application platform at the heart of many Google products and services. gRPC is not only successor of Stubby, but improve upon it, in the open, around modern standards such as HTTP/2 and Protocol Buffers. If you ever wondering how Google is creating the microservices this talk is definitely for you.

In this session I will demonstrate, through a series of live demos and code walkthroughs, how to design and build a collection of microservices using gRPC from the ground up. Examples are written in Java and Go. At the end I will show how we can use gRPC in backend-device {Android, iOS} communication with simple demo app.