Mateusz Dymiński


Software engineer with a strong technical background in software development, sometimes DevOps. Loves backend, tolerates frontend, 7+ years of experience in Java, but since the beginning of 2014 fascinated by the Golang. One of the GoWroc (Golang User Group Wrocław) leaders. During the daily duties, he's building reliable and scalable distributed systems in a cloud environment at Nokia.



Diagnose your Golang App anytime anywhere! (2019)

The Go ecosystem provides a large suite of APIs and tools to diagnose logic and performance problems in Go programs. This presentation summarises the available tools and shows how to pick the right one for a specific problem.

Following aspects will be covered during the presentation:

  • Profiling – how to profile Go application, what kind of profiles are available in Go tool pprof, examples how to find problems with CPU and Memory
  • Tracing – how to trace Go, application, examples with analyzing application latency in a Go process
  • Debugging – how to debug Go application, what need's to enabled to debug app and how to debug app remotely
  • External instrumenting – how to instrument and trace application with external tools like Prometheus

Hopefully, leaving the room everyone will know how to diagnose their Golang application!

Code and presentation are available on GitHub.