Mathieu Ropert


French C++ expert working on (somewhat) historical video games. Decided to upgrade his compiler once and has been blogging about build systems ever since. Past speaker at CppCon, Meeting C++ and ACCU. Used to run the Paris C++ User Group. Currently lives in Sweden.



Build for everyday programmers and why should they care (2019)

As programmers, we use build systems every day, but more often than not we do it as a matter of necessity rather than willingness (or enjoyment!).

But build should be seen as more than just an obstacle on the road to obtaining our binaries.

A decent build can tell us a lot about our codebase and safeguard against harmful patterns that tend to develop over time such as circular dependencies.

In this talk, I will give an outline of what your build system can do for you and give some general best practices on how to keep it clean.

Coming out of this presentation you should see your build as less of a weird beast and more of a tool that can do much more for your codebase that just runs your compiler on every source file.