Michał Łoś


Software developer since 2009, C++ developer since his first compiled dialogue with computer. Code quality evangelist, language paradigms explorer and enthusiast. Experienced in both small and big projects, using any language you may think. Hard science fiction fan.



When C++ wants to meet Java (2017)

How to write nice C++ framework in 2017? I would like to share with you my experiences with designing and creating C++ framework for communication with Java, which ended up with few interesting solutions related to compile time constructs, heterogeneous programming, abusing OOP a bit, compilation time optimizations and probably a few more :).


Functional Programming - A Pragmatic Approach (2016)

Most of you have heard about Functional Programming paradigm, many of you probably even tried to deal with it, but, as statistics show, very little of us can actually do something useful functionally. In this talk I would like to show you possible benefits of practicing functional programming: both in field of daily programming tasks and goals, but also in field of your own development.