Michał Pomykała


  1. Product Owner since 2015 to nowadays in Nokia.
  2. His main domain is bringing products to life, from concept to final product.
  3. So far, tasks and projects were related to the development of analytics engines and platforms for competence and knowledge sharing.
  4. Recent activities are connected with virtual assistants and machine learning supported the decision-making aspects.



Virtual assistants - our journey from extensive documentation and various of tools to smart chatbots (2018)

For sure, in the future chatbots will be our virtual assistants.

The level of trust between human and machine, depends on how smart and helpful bots can be.

With this short presentation we would like to share our experience in development and impression of first ‘Knowledge chatbot’ delivered by Network Engineering department.

We would like to shortly introduce how natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms, helped with the creation of competences sharing assistant.