Michał Sajdak


Michał Sajdak, IT security consultant in Securitum. Holds CISSP, CEH, CTT+ certificates. Has more than 10-years of practical experience in IT security. He is a trainer, pentester and founder of sekurak.pl.



A story of 3 CCTV cameras - a story of 3 admins (2017)

During a live hacking presentation 3 different CCTV cameras will be shown. You will see how easy is to hack such a device, how to locate such devices on the Internet and how botnets utilize taken over CCTV cameras.


Live hacking of web applications (2017)

6-7 different, interesting, common and easy to exploit vulnerabilities in web applications. I will show how to get unauthenticated root access on a network device by abusing web administration. You will also see: how to abuse XML files to get access to the files on a target server, interesting path traversal vulnerability and a couple of different ways of executing code server side. All examples will be presented as live demo.