Norbert Kraft


Norbert Kraft works in Telecom Industry since 1991. He held several positions in research, development and system engineering for the development of wide area network equipment. Now he is in the central technology & innovation unit of Nokia, where he is leading a research project on network data intelligence, which applies data mining, machine learning and big data technologies on mobile network data.



Big Data Analytics In Telecommunication (2015)

In telecommunication networks a huge amount of operation data is collected. It requires extensive data processing and analytics to become useful. Nokia research project prototyped an innovative software architecture, which addresses the field of parallel stream processing in near real time, data aggregation and mining, and last but not least,interactive web-based graphics. This software makes extensive use of NoSQL databases and Python as next generation multiparadigm language. For data mining, packages like Pandas and SCI-Kit are in use. All kind of graphics and user interaction are implemented natively in standard web browsers using complex JavaScript frameworks like D3, Highcharts, and AngularJS.