Odin Holmes


Odin was allocated from a pool of hippies in the middle of the forest. He spent most of his career designing electronic circuits and programming micro controllers in assembler. One day after having shot himself in the foot particularly badly a friend introduced him to C++, a seriously powerful and ongoing addiction followed. Odin has authored many proof of concept libraries in the embedded field and is trying to revolutionize this domain. Odin co-authored the kvasir::mpl library, co-founded the embo.io conference and was a heavy contributor to the brigand library. In his day job, he teaches people how to shoot themselves in the foot less and get more from their compiler, both with his in-house team as well as in a training and consulting role.



The fastest template metaprogramming in the West (2017)

Although a talk on a C++11 metaprogramming may seem outdated in 2017 we have only recently found new ways to leverage aliases to do much of the heavy lifting. More alias use as well as some key implementation details allow us to beat other libraries, more modern language features and even some compiler intrinsics in compilation speed. This talk will outline the advantages of the continuation style metaprogramming which we developed in the kvasir::mpl library. It will also discuss some concrete use cases including ways to interface with Boost.Hana when a run time component is not needed.