Pablo Ribalta


Pablo has spent the last decade working at the bleeding edge of technology. Embedded manycore devices, 3D audio, computer graphics, space engineering, you name it. Currently, at NVIDIA he delivers solutions to healthcare applications, accelerating and improving models used in the industry and by researchers worldwide.



AI in Healthcare (2019)

Algorithms and clinical practice are not that far from each other, but the topic of AI in healthcare often seems like a slippery slope. What are the advantages of utilizing AI in medicine? What are the downsides?

AI has delivered stunning results in difficult tasks like image recognition, and text and speech understanding. How can these advances be leveraged in the medical field in order to help doctors in their diagnoses? In this task we'll explore the frontier of what "is", and what "will be" in the medical field, outlining our current efforts and the challenges that lay ahead of us.