Paweł Łabuz


Paweł Łabuz is a Unity C# Developer at Nokia. He spent his childhood learning to work hard while training Volleyball. Since then he has been a team player and felt best when collaborating with a friendly team. He worked in Game Industry and attended several Game Jams following his interest in game programming. Now involved in development of Augmented Reality, he wants to improve his knowledge every single day. He likes when his code is fast, and well optimized so that his apps and games are great fun for users.



Augmented reality dev journey (2017)

There is no doubt that Augmented Reality, which is fairly different from Virtual Reality, becomes now more common than ever and its value will rise. We will focus on Microsoft Hololens.
We will show you what AR app development looks like in C# and Unity environment, and how HoloToolkit helps the process.