Paweł Słowikowski


Paweł's mission is to create an environment for people to grow and use their talents to their fullest extent.

It so happens that he can fulfill his mission by working in organizations that develop software - and he has been doing it already for over 10 years in various roles. He promotes agility, extreme self-organization, knowledge creation and sharing. He is fascinated by the concept of teal organizations.

Paweł is inspired by big ideas and motivated by working with people who are willing to influence the reality around them in a positive way.



Easier said than done. Self-organized teams (2018)

Put up to 9 people in a project and ta-da we have the team! If they are working on an Agile project additionally you can call the team self-organized. It is so simple to create a team, isn’t it?

The presentation is dedicated to all who don’t know what and why is expected from them as team members. All responsible for creating highly performing teams might also see the value in it.

During the presentation, I will focus on individuals behavior and attitude, which will prop up team self-organization. The foundation of whole speech will base on available research, models and its implementation in practice. At the end, we will try to debunk some myths together.