Pierre-Henri Symoneaux


Pierre-Henri is a passionate developer who has been in the telecom industry for 8 years. He’s driven by innovation and challenge, always looking for new problems to solve in innovative ways. He started his career in 2010 as a developer on database solutions for the mobile core network in Alcatel-Lucent, then progressively moved to software architecture position. While working on porting the HLR / HSS equipment to the cloud, he started to experiment with microservices architecture. Today, Pierre-Henri is working on designing cloud native applications and provides his expertise across Nokia.

While working on pet projects and prototypes, Pierre-Henri loves using new technologies and programming languages. This is how in 2015 he felt in love with Rust and its community. He never stopped using it since then and hope he can use it at work in the future.



Building microservices with Rust (2017)

Rust programming language is a new comer in the programming landscape. Built and supported by Mozilla, it’s a system programming language which promises to run blazingly fast while preventing segfault and thread safety. Pierre-Henri will show how Rust and some of the already popular libraries can be used to build and run a microservice ecosystem.