Piotr Osiewicz


Piotr is a performance freak - this trait sparked his interest in build performance, which (he believes) is often brought up in discussions about C++ cons. While he had no opportunity to work with large codebases (that take hours to build), he believes he has his two cents to share.



No more coffee breaks - reducing C/C++ project compilation time (2019)

Build process is an essential part of our daily job. Unfortunately, it can be quite redundant at times. The purpose of this presentation is to show ways to reduce build times and explore potential trade-offs that have to be made in order to use them. A common requirement for all discussed techniques is neutral/positive impact on the runtime performance of a built binary. The topics such as:

  • template management
  • header file management
  • compilation distribution & other toolchain-specific optimizations

will be explored. Knowledge of C++ build process is recommended, but not required to understand the essence of this talk.