Piotr Padlewski


Hismain hobbies are compilers optimizations and C++. During the summer, he has worked at Google on Devirtualization in clang and link time optimizations,ThinLTO, in llvm. He leads small team at IIIT working on clangtidy related projects. He is also organiser of Warsaw C++ Users Group. In the his free time, Piotr enjoys riding motorcycles and playing the drums.



C++ WAT (LT) (2016)

This presentation will focus on weird and funny C++ behaviours that you might not know.


Clang-tidy: Write Your Own Linting Tool (2016)

clang-tidy is open source linter for C/C++. Comparing to other linters, provides easier interface for writing checks along with with automatic code fixits We will introduce clang AST queries language ASTMatchers and use it to write new check for clangtidy. Presentation made by Piotr Padlewski and Jakub Staroń.


ThinLTO Scalable And Incremental LTO (LT) (2016)

LTO (Link Time Optimization) is a method for achieving better runtime performance through wholeprogram analysis and crossmodule optimization. The main problem with LTO is that it can take enormous amount of memory and time. ThinLTO is a new approach that is designed to scale like a nonLTO build, while retaining most of the performance achievement of full LTO. This lightning talk will show how ThinLTO works and how to use it.


Undefined Behaviour Is Awesome! Understanding C++ Guarantees And Optimizations Limitations (2016)

Undefined behavior (UB) is one of the features of C++ that is both loved and hated. Every C++ developer cares about performance, which is why it is very important to understand what the compiler can optimize and what are the language guarantees.